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A full service property management company

About Barberry Rose Management (BRM)

Barberry Rose Management (BRM) manages a private portfolio of properties in the New York City area. For each property we create and implement a custom plan specifically tailored to meet that property’s needs. This includes both internal and external building work – e.g. where necessary: external cleaning, boiler replacements, roof replacements may be implemented.

BRM has several key departments at their office headquarters:

  • Building Operations: the team are experts in the technical matters of property operation and management including the buildings systems, DHCR, HPD, rent regulation and legal processes. The team also manage the communication with our tenants.  Including coordination of any necessary repairs and corrections.
  • Finance: the team oversees and manages the financial health of the asset. They are fully versed in investment structures, cash flow analysis, sales and acquisitions, mortgage refinances, insurance, real estate taxes, budgeting, and long term investment strategies. This team also has extensive experience in negotiating leases, from small residential units to large multi-million dollar commercial national chain store leases.
  • Bookkeeping Department: this team handles accounts payable, accounts receivable, rent collections, commercial tenant pass-throughs, and lease renewals. The team create monthly financial statements, operating reports, and experts in investment calculations, distributions, and returns.

BRM has 20 live-in superintendents, 10 porters, and 10 roaming repairmen on its payroll.

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